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There is currently only one binary to build a ZIM file, the zimwriter. This binary uses a pre-filled Postgres Database with a predined scheme. For example :

zimwriter -s 1024 --db "postgresql:dbname=mydb" my_zim_file

We want to provide in the future a binary able to work with other input (for example: Wikimedia Foundation XML dumps, or HTML directory).

Two tools are currently able to create/fill this database.

This script is part of the Kiwix tools and allows to build a ZIM file from a HTML directory containing all necessary ressources.

You need:

  1. Checkout the dumping tools : svn co
  2. Install all necessary PERL modules
  3. run the script like following: ./ --htmlPath=./html [--indexerPath=./zimindexer] [--zimFilePath=articles.zim]



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