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This event took already place in the past. For more information on the results please read the report:

Date and Time

November 20th - 22nd.

The meeting will start at Friday evening and end on Sunday afternoon.


The meeting will take place in south-western Germany, near Basel.

The openZIM team tries to cover all costs for accommodation and catering during the meeting. To achieve this we have to know very early how many people will arrive, so we can choose the best location possible.

We plan to book an appartment with Internet access and kitchen, so we can work and sleep at the same place and cater ourselves.

Easy to reach:

  • aircraft: fly to Basel EAP/BSL/MLH
    • from Basel Airport (swiss exit): Bus line 50 to Basel SBB, (10 min.)
  • train: there are three national railway stations
    • Germany - DB: Basel badischer Bahnhof
    • Switzerland - SBB: Basel SBB
    • France - SNCF: Basel SNCF / SBB
    • from Basel SBB/SNCF/Bad. Bf: Train line S6 to Schopfheim West, (30-20 min.)
Hotel Löwen
Gündenhausen 16
D-79650 Schopfheim
+49 7622 688499-0

Google Maps


  • Wikimedia related topics:
    • requirements for Wikimedia ZIM creation
    • MediaWiki interfaces
  • other reader applications on different platforms
  • Communication
    • future exhibitions
    • marketing


Registration closes at September 31st!

Name Arrival Departure Room booked
Manuel Schneider already on site n/a n/a
Annette Schneider already on site n/a n/a
Kelson 20th 18:42 train (Schopfheim West) 22nd xx:xx train 2 nights
Mirko Lindner (Qi Hardware) 20th 16:15 flight U24635 SXF-BSL 22nd 21:15 flight U24638 BSL-SXF 2 nights
Mirko Voigt (Qi Hardware) 20th 16:15 flight U24635 SXF-BSL 22nd 21:15 flight U24638 BSL-SXF 2 nights
Pascal Martin (Linterweb) 20th 18:10 train 21st 13:04 train 1 night
Guillaume Duhamel (Linterweb) 20th 18:10 train 21st 13:04 train 1 night
Tomasz Finc (Wikimedia) 20th 13:25 flight LH3812 FRA-BSL 24th 12:45 flight LH3823 BSL-MUC 4 nights
Tommi (Tntnet) 20th 22:11 ICE 873 22nd 18:22 ICE 372 2 nights
=> Guillaume and me need to come back on the saturday evening Pmartin 19:33, 3 November 2009 (UTC)


How much things will cost and how we assign our project sponsoring onto it:

What x Cost Assigned to Total
travel costs 6 ? participants ?
Transit station / airport 6 ? Manuel Schneider ?
Dinner Friday 9 ~20 EUR Wikimedia Foundation 109 EUR
Beverages Friday 9 ~10 EUR openZIM 35 EUR
Accommodation 10 nights 1 406 EUR openZIM 406 EUR
Accommodation Tomasz 4 45 EUR Wikimedia Foundation 180 EUR
Lunch buffets Sunday / Saturday 9 5 EUR openZIM 40 EUR
Dinner Saturday 7 ~20 EUR openZIM 77 EUR
Dinner Sunday 5 ~20 EUR openZIM 57 EUR
Budget openZIM: 615 EUR
Budget Wikimedia Foundation: 289 EUR