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The meetings are always taking place from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.

According to our poll the meeting is on

  • October 15th (evening) to October 17th (afternoon)


The meetings will take place in a meeting room offering internet access (wired and wifi), projector, whiteboards or flipcharts, tables and chairs for everyone. A snack buffet and drinks is available all time. Hotel rooms, booked and paid by the organisers, are nearby. The locations are easy to reach by public transport from major train stations and airports or a shuttle service is provided.

Poll is still open, please vote:

DE - Berlin

Berlin could be a good and also cheap location for a meeting and has been requested in the past. Currently, there is no offer from someone in Berlin to host the meeting, but it should be possible to find somebody if this option is choosen by the majority.

DE - Lörrach

Manuel has organised the meetings in the past in Schopfheim, near Lörrach. His employer offered a meeting room and the equipment needed while a nice hotel was nearby. The place is easy to reach, 20 minutes by regional train from Basel which has three main stations of all bordering nations (swiss SBB, german DB and french SNCF) and an international airport (EAP/BSL/MLH). This time there is an alternative location named "G5" in Eimeldingen, two stops from Basel with the regional train towards Freiburg. G5 has a hotel, restaurant and meeting rooms. They also offer hosting of such meetings, including buffet, coffee and drinks. This would be more expensive than in the past, but offer some service.

FR - Val de Reuil

Linterweb - producer of Okawix - which is working on the openZIM team has offered to host the meeting in their office. We expect that the office already has everything we need and Pascal knows a good and cheap hotel nearby. The next aiport and major train station is Paris, but it takes about two hours to get from there to the location.

FR - Alsace

Emmanuel (Kelson) offered to organise a meeting in Alsace, the eastern part of France, on the border to Germany. Next airport and train stations might be Basel, Strasbourg or Karlsruhe.

Propose a new location

If you know a good place which offers a meeting room with the typical equipment (internet access, projector, whiteboard or flipchart) and nearby hotels and public transport please contact Manuel Schneider. We expect about 10 participants from Germany, Switzerland, France and a few from overseas (USA, Israel), so keep in mind that transportation to and from major train stations and airports has to be arranged. The total budget for the meeting is about 2.500 EUR, that's approximately 200 EUR per person plus rent of the meeting room and other general cost (such as snack buffet and drinks during the meeting or transportation costs). Bear in mind that travel costs exceed the openZIM budget so they are paid by the participants. Choose a place which is easy and cheap to reach.


List yourself here as soon as we have choosen and announced a date and a location. Signing up here is a definite declaration of your attendance, the organiser will book your room and indicated it here. Please add your travel details as soon as you have booked your travel, so the organisers can arrange transportation as needed.

Name arr. time dep. time where and how you arrive/leave comments (eg. special food requirements)
Emmanuel Engelhart
Manuel Schneider I am coming alone


This is an open space for discussion. If you want to have something discussed or decided please list it here. We will use the time prior the meeting to find a consensus for an agenda.

  • practical description on how to use native categories, implement method for this in zimlib as needed
  • review the internal link problem (with or without trailing slash), clarify documentation on that
  • update documentation
    • native categories
    • links
  • finding a contractor for Wikimedia Foundation to implement ZIM dumps (according Tomasz' inquiry)
  • report 2010
    • 2nd Developers Meeting
    • Wiki-on-Board (ZIM reader on Symbian by User:Cip)
    • LinuxTag
    • Wikimania
    • Wikimedia Foundation USB stick production (according Tomasz)
    • Developing Nations working group at Wikimedia
  • roadmap 2011
    • Android?
    • iPhone?
    • contacting Foxit again (Manuel meet them in 2010)
    • participation in the Developing Nations working group
  • marketing 2011
    • LinuxTag (yes/no? ideas?)
    • Wikimania 2011 (see submission)