Developer Meetings/2011-1

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The 4th Developers Meeting of openZIM will take place at the Hacking Days of Wikimania 2011 in Haifa, Israel.

The openZIM team will also be presented during Wikimania. Please register seperately if you plan to visit the conference!


Name Arrival Departure Conf. booked? Hotel booked? Comments
Kelson ~Aug. 1st ~Aug. 8th 2nd - 7th Dan's Garden
1st - 8th
no comment ;)
reg Aug. 1st Aug. 6th 2nd - 6th Dan's Garden
1st - 6th
Christian Pühringer Jul. 31st Aug. 12th 2nd - 7th Dan's Garden
1st - 7th
Manuel Schneider ~Jun. 25th ~Aug. 11th 2nd - 7th Nof Hotel
1st - 8th
will stay for the whole conference
I will check and change my hotel to Dan's Garden, so we can stay together



  • PediaPress, Collections and openZIM
  • Usability evaluation of Kiwix
  • Evaluation and extension of Wikipedia Release Version Tools