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ZIMlib is the library which implements the access to ZIM files. Use libzim in your own software - like reader applications - to make them ZIM-capable without the need having to dig too much into the ZIM file format.


zimlib is written in C++.

Listing all articles titles inside a ZIM file
#include <zim/file.h>
#include <zim/fileiterator.h>

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) 
  zim::File f("wikipedia.zim");
  for (zim::File::const_iterator it = f.begin(); it != f.end(); ++it)
      std::cout << it->getUrl() << '



Article File::getArticle(char ns, const QUnicodeString& title, bool collate = false)

returns an object of an article

std::string Article::getPage(bool layout = true, unsigned maxRecurse = 10)

returns the content of an article