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June 9th - 12th


  1. Tommi
  2. Manuel
  3. Annette



  • Title: openZIM - Wikipedia Offline - Current State
  • Language: English prefered, German possible
  • Category: Applications
  • License: Creative Commons License


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Tommi and Manuel are German native speakers, but we assume that English is the prefered language of most participants, so we offer our talk in English. If the program committee disagrees please feel free to change the talk's language to German.

Since 2007 we are working on a free implementation of an offline toolchain for Wikipedia, providing a container format, reader and writer softare. The first attempt was based on the Zeno file format used by Directmedia, the publisher of the Wikipedia DVD. The Wikipedia DVD 2007/2008 contained a free implementation developed by the people who form today the openZIM project and was the start of the openZIM project.

Starting 2008 openZIM defines itself as "a free and open implementation of the ZIM file format", while openZIM provides both a free documentation of the file format as well as the tools to create ZIM files from web content and a reader to present them in a browser.

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  • URL:
  • Description: website of the openZIM developer team with documentation, SVN, bugtracker and ZIM file archive