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* [[Project Team]]
* [[Project Team]]
* [[Developer Meetings]]
* [[Developer Meetings]]
*: <nowiki> </nowiki>
* [[:Category:Visuals|Visuals]]
* [[:Category:Visuals|Visuals]]
* [[:Category:Press Releases|Press Releases]]

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This is the wiki of the openZIM project.

You will find here documentation about the ZIM file format, the openZIM software and the project management.

The openZIM project is sponsored by Wikimedia CH.

the openZIM Project


  • ZIM File Format - documentation of the file format the openZIM project is based on
  • Zeno File Format - the original documentation of the underlying Zeno file format by Directmedia (german)
  • ZIMlib C++ implementation of the zeno file format
    • ZIMreader - software to read content served by zeno files
    • ZIMwriter - software to compress media content into zeno files
  • wiki2html - tools to dump content from MediaWiki


ZIM File Archive

We collect and distribute free ZIM files, such as Wikipedia DVDs.