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* automake-1.9+
* automake-1.9+
* libbz2-dev
* libbz2-dev
== Wikipedia DVD ==
Regularly we release a distribution of reader applications and ZIM files to demonstrate the progress and test our software with a bigger user base.
* 2009-06-23 http://openzim.org/download/openzim-linuxtag-dvd.iso

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see Roadmap - Report any Bugs

POSIX compatible

  • Debian
  • RPM
  • DMG
  • Tarballs
  • ebuilds

ReactOS compatible

  • Installer

Unstable / Current Development

Get the source code from Subversion

svn co http://svn.openzim.org/svnroot/trunk zim

See more detailed information for checking out and updating code on our Subversion page.


If you compile the software from source you need the following libraries installed:

  • cxxtools (svn copy)
  • tntdb (for zimwriter) (ubuntu release 1.01+ or svn copy)
  • tntnet (for zimreader)
  • automake-1.9+
  • libbz2-dev