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see Roadmap

POSIX compatible

  • Debian
  • RPM
  • DMG
  • Tarballs
  • ebuilds

ReactOS compatible

  • Installer

Unstable / Current Development

Get the source code from Subversion

svn co zim

See more detailed information for checking out and updating code on our Subversion page.


If you compile the software from source you need the following libraries installed:

  • cxxtools (svn copy)
  • tntdb (for zimwriter) (ubuntu release 1.01+ or svn copy)
  • tntnet (for zimreader)
  • automake-1.9+
  • libbz2-dev

Wikipedia DVD

Regularly we release a distribution of reader applications and ZIM files to demnonstrate the progress and test our software with a bigger user base.