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ZIM file format

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* 0 default (no compression)
* 1 none also no compression (inherited from zeno)
* 2 zip (zlib)* 3 bzip2 (currently used in writer)* 4 lzma lzma2 (default compression format)  Support for zlib and bzip2 is deprecated. By default it is not implemented in reader or writer due to lack of compression compiled into the library) any more. Only lzma2 is used.For this the [ xz-utils] are used.
The data area has a list of 4 byte offsets to the blobs counting from the first offset. The offset addresses uncompressed data. The last pointer points to the end of the data area. So there is always one more offset than blobs. Since the first offset points to the start of the first data, the number of offsets can be determined by dividing this offset by 4. The size of one blob is calculated by the difference of two consecutive offsets.

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