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ZIM File Archive

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We are building up To get ZIM file you may have a look to some publisher archives:* [ Kiwix], [ mostly full Wikipedia ZIM file directory herefiles], but not only.
You will find here free content, whether under GFDL or Creative Commons license to be downloaded from one of [[ZIM File Download Mirrors|our mirrors]]. === Users =See also ==Feel free to download whatever content you are intested in. Please mind the license when you are copying or modifying this files. Usage and distribution for personal use is always free as long as you follow the license terms.  Concerning modifications and commercial use please check the specific license of the files. If you need support please check the following:* questions concerning the content of the ZIM files: ask the publisher of the ZIM file (if you found it here you may ask us if you don't know who the publisher is)* questions concerning your ZIM reader software:** [[ZIMreader]] by openZIM: ask us under <tt>dev-l at</tt>** other software: ask the developers of the software you have, maybe we can help you to get in contact with them but please note that there might be a lot of different applications out in the world and we might not know all of them === Creators ===If you made your own ZIM files containing free content you may want to [[Publish your ZIM File|publish it here]]. == Categories ===== Knowledge ===* german wikipedia** <s>[ full german wikipedia without images] 1.4 GB</s>** <s>[ full text search index for ZimReader] 1.0 GB</s>* new format:** [ full german wikipedia without images] 1.5 GB** [ full text search index for ZimReader] 1.1 GB** [ subset of the german wikipedia (all about films)] 87 MB** [ full text search index for film.zim] 84 MB == Other places to find ZIM files ==* [ Many Wikipedia ZIM files from the Kiwix project]* [ Make your selection of articles on Wikipedia an create your own ZIM file]

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