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Work in progress

HOWTO build zimlib for Symbian

Setup environment (Windows)

Active Perl

5.6.1 or later, tested with


Used: S60 3rd Edition SDK, FP1
newer should work, older versions won´t work for TODO application, while zimlb may work .

Also install arm tool chain, installer will ask you to do so


Used version 2.3


QT is not required for the zimib, but used in the TODO application

Used QT libraries 4.6.2 for Symbian (LGPL)

(Open C/C++ plugin or included in qt?)

SVN client

Used tortoise svn

Install sources

First open Nokia/Carbide.c++ to create workpace

E.g. c:SymbianCarbideworkspace

Following description assumes that source is installed to subfolders in this workspace.



Use svn to get zimlib source.

This howto assumes that you have zimlib directly in the carbide workspace. (And not for example zim/zimlib).

If you are using tortoisesve, right click on workspace folder in windows explorer, select 'SVN Checkout...' and put the following into URL of repository:

Checkout directory should be automatically set to: c:SymbianCarbideworkspacezimlib

Note that zimreader and zimwriter are currently not supported on symbian. (And probably support does not make to much sense anyway).


Port Projects

Main porting effort is that symbian does not support autoconf

Install on phone

Tested on N82. Should work on all S60 3rd edition FP1 (e.g. N95), and later. 5th edition (5800, N97) may work as well, but not tested.

Install QT

Install qt.sis from qt installation directory or TODO

Note: Project also build a sis with integrated qt installer (TODO filename), using Nokia smart intaller, but installation did not work for me due to signing issue.

Install TODO.sis