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Events and Activities

March: Participation at the Wikimedia Conference

The Wikimedia Conference is an annual meeting of the Wikimedia Foundation's developers, sysadmins, the MediaWiki community developers and Wikimedia chapter representatives. Manuel, Asaf, Pascal, Fabien and Tomasz participated in the meetings and set up a working group called "Wikimedia Offline". There we met people from PediaPress and started to think about integrating ZIM into the Extension:Collection which is currently used for the book printing capabilities of MediaWiki.

Due to this working group - which happened to be dominated by people that are already working with openZIM - many relevant and interested people could be convinced that ZIM is the superior toolkit and format for offline content. Tomasz presented the decision of the Wikimedia Foundation to use ZIM for dumps and offline products in the future. This was a very helpful statement, in front of the other developers and admins.

June: Participation at LinuxTag

LinuxTag is Europe's biggest exhibition and conference for free and open source software. openZIM applied for a booth in cooperation with tntnet, so we got one booth for both projects.

By this opportunity we created nice graphs to show how the ZIM file format is used and how it works internally. These were printed as A2 posters and showed at LinuxTag.

For details see

August: Participation at Wikimania

Wikimania is the yearly conference of the Wikimedia community. Every year it takes place in another area of the world - in 2010 it was Gdansk in Poland.

Apart from other offline projects and topics like the selection project WP1 or the Malayalam CD initiative, openZIM was presented and a demonstration of an usage of the standard implementation was made using Kiwix.

October: 4th Developers Meeting, Finalizing the ZIM Format

We meet us in Strasbourg (France) during 2 days for the fourth time to speak about many technical topics related to openZIM. New binding in Python and demo of a first client for Android were the most important moments of the meeting. We also make more clear a few aspects of the format and how we should use it.

For more details details

Media Coverage

After a very good start and a lot of attention due to our Wikipedia DVD the numbers of visitors, visits and page views decreased slightly but remained stable. The monthly hits remained on the same level though while the traffic increased by 50%! Now there are about 2'500 (3'000) unique visitors, 4'000 (5'000) visits, 20'000 (28'000) page views and more than 50'000 (50'000) hits per month, in average 0,75 (0,5) Terabyte of traffic each month. (Numbers in parentheses are numbers of 2009.)

See detailed statistics:


Wikimedia CH generously continued and increased its sponsorship of openZIM with now 9'000 CHF. This money was spent to run a server for the project providing a technical infrastructure (CPU time for ZIM file creation, download area, version management software, bugtracker, wiki, website, virtual machines with other operating systems etc.), for Developer Meetings and the participation at important conferences such as the Wikimedia Developers Conference in Berlin, Wikimania in Gdansk and LinuxTag, Europe's largest open source event.

As openZIM is exclusively run by volunteers openZIM tried to cover most costs for meetings including accommodation and catering for all participants. Travel costs, though, have been paid by the participants.

Date Subject Amount EUR
2010-01-07 openZIM Server 2010-01-01 - 12-31 rgs4617 -600,00 EUR
2010-05-08 Wikimedia Conference 2010 Accommodation -208,00 EUR
2010-06-13 LinuxTag 2010 Accommodation -508,25 EUR
2010-06-13 LinuxTag 2010 Local Transport -78,60 EUR
2010-06-13 LinuxTag 2010 Dinner -56,50 EUR
2010-06-13 LinuxTag 2010 Social Event -20,00 EUR
2010-10-11 Symbian Phone User:Cip -471,90 EUR
2010-10-31 Developer Meeting 2010/2 Accommodation, Meeting Room and Catering -1040,00 EUR
2010-10-31 Developer Meeting 2010/2 Dinner -140,20 EUR
2010-12-16 Domain 2010 -12,00 EUR
Sum in EUR: -3'135,45 EUR
2009-01-01 Wikimedia CH Sponsorship +9'000,00 CHF
Rest in EUR: 5'864,55 EUR

See the full budget at

Outlook for 2011


  • ZIM export in MediaWiki
    • MediaWiki extension
    • dumping process on
  • more readers on more platforms
    • Kiwix (Mac OS X)
    • Wiki on Board (Android)
  • Documentation
    • ZIM v.5
    • provide a description for publishers of the whole dumping process
    • category handling

Events and Marketing

  • Wikimedia Conference, Wikimedia / MediaWiki Developers Meet-Up (March)
  • LinuxTag (May)
  • Developer Meeting during Wikimedia Developers Conference and Wikimania in Haifa, Israel (August)