ZIM file format

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length in bit, all types are littlendian

Field Name Type Offset Length Description
rMagicNumber integer 0 32 Magic number to recognise the file format, must be "1439867043"
rVersion integer 4 32 wp2006=2, wp2007=3, ZIM=4, version of the file format for backwards compatibility
rCount integer 8 32 total number of articles
integer 12 32 deprecated
rIndexPos integer 16 64 position of the article index
rIndexLen integer 24 32 length of the article index
integer 28 32 deprecated
rIndexPtrPos integer 32 64 position to the directory pointerlist
rIndexPtrLen integer 40 32 length of directory pointerlist (always 4*rCount)
rMainPage integer 44 32 article index of main page or 0xffff if no main page
rLayoutPage integer 48 32 article index of layout page or 0xffff if no layout page
integer 52 64 deprecated