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Without user interface / Console
[[File:Kiwix.png|right|thumb|200px|[ Kiwix], a full featured ZIM reader]][[File:WikiOnBoard.png|right|thumb|200px|[ WikiOnBoard], the perfect ZIM reader for Symbian]][[File:Kiwix_on_Android.jpg|right|thumb|[ Kiwix fo XOfor Android]]][[File:Berlin_Hackathon_2012-48.jpg|right|thumb|200px|[ Kiwix ] for XO]]
'''Reader softwares''' and '''hardware''' which support the [[ZIM file format]].
== Desktop ==
=== With user interface ===
* [ Kiwix], a software for Windows/OSX/Linux with a complete set of features.
* [ web-archives], an alternative ZIM reader for Gnu/Linux
* [ Kiwix JS Windows] for Windows 10 UWP (Store App)
=== Wihtout Without user interface / Console ===
* [ kiwix-serve], the HTTP server of the [ Kiwix] project** [ Integration of kiwix-serve in Emacs]* [ ZIM tools] A small set of command line tools to manipulate a ZIM file* [[Zimreader]] ([;a=tree;f=/master/zimreader;h=3fe2bb3d0a1a382ebb89163cfedbe3899d314b83;hb=HEAD source]), an HTTP server base on the [ Tntnet ] framework* [https://gerritgithub.wikimedia.orgcom/ropenzim/gitweb?p=openzim.git;a=tree;f=zimreader-java;h=2562adf6977624a1887b4969a59c255ee0e1209c;hb=HEAD zimreader-java], a reader in java* [http] A pure Perl ZIM HTTP server. An improved version has been developed [ here] and [https://projectsgithub.qicom/cm8/zimHttpServer32 here]. The latter works on big-endian architecture also<!-- and needs less free space in ''/tmp'' directory since the decompressed cluster is read directly from a pipe--hardware>.* [ zimpy.phppy] a pure Python ZIM reader* [ qvido for embedded devices ZIMply ZIMply], another more recent Python ZIM reader* An other reader in the Nim language (eg[https://github. Ben NanoNotecom/openzim/zimwriterfs/files/3385446/ archive])]* [httphttps://kiwixgithub.svncom/akhenakh/gozim Gozim] A ZIM web-server written in Go.sourceforge* [https://github.netcom/viewvc/kiwixtim-st/go-zim Go-zim] A set of command line tools(and a web server) in Go.* [https:/scripts/ zimHttpServercom/Spiritdude/ZIM zim & ZIM.plpm] A pure , command line interface (CLI), experimental Perl ZIM HTTP .pm module, web-server& RESTful endpoint for full-text search* [ An ZIM to fs dump tool in Rust]
== Mobile ==
=== Android ===
* Kiwix for Android [ on Google Play] and [ on F-Droid]
=== iOS ===
* Kiwix for iOS [ on iTunes]
=== Windows 10 Mobile / UWP ===
* [ Kiwix JS Windows] for Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (including Mobile)
=== Jolla ===
* [ Zimpedia] for Jolla phone and Jolla tablet.
=== Symbian ===
* '''''unmaintained''''' - [ WikiOnBoard] ([ Source]), a simple but efficient reader == Kiwix JS for browsers == Javascript based Kiwix reader ([ development project]): * [ Firefox extension Kiwix JS]* [ Chrome extension Kiwix JS]
== Other ==
=== XO (OLPC) ===
* [ Kiwix], with almost all its feature has also [ a port for XO].
=== Offline, Illiterate ===
* [ MyCroft Artificial Intelligence]
* [ Mozilla Deep Speech], to read an actual article
* [[Audio]]
== See also ==
* [[Bindings]]
* [[Audio]]

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