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Remove namespaces

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By adding an namespace in at the beginning of the URL path, it change all the URL from the original content. This has for consequences principal consequence that at the ZIM creation time, we need to rewrite all URL (if possible at all, think about dynamically generated URLs). This is costly and impossible to do perfectly. On the top of that, the content creator loose the full control of the URLs in the ZIM file.
== Specification proposal ==
We propose to simply remove the whole concept of namesapce in the openZIM spec.
== Libzim ==
It seems impossible that the new version of the format is readable from the older ZIM files, but the new version of the libzim should be able to deal with the older ZIM files.
The idea is to keep the storage format the same, but we would add a NULL namespace and if not namesapce is given (in the URL) then we would assume that this is a NULL namespace.
In a few years, we could then remove the namespace from the file themselves.

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