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see [[Roadmap]]'''openZIM releases''' can be found at the following address:*
== POSIX compatible ==;Binaries* You can also checkout the code from [http://openzim[git|our development code repository]].org/download/ZimReader ZimReader static build 2009-06-07]
;Packages* Debian* RPM* DMGIf you are looking for binaries, you might rather be interested in [[ZIM Readers|reader applications]] instead. The openZIM libraries and tools are not meant for end-users but for software developers which integrate them into reader applications or export tools.
;Source== History ==* Tarballs2013/04/19: [ zimlib 1.0]* ebuilds2013/08/03: [ zimlib 1.1]* 2014/05/21: [ zimlib 1.2]* 2016/08/13: [ zimlib 1.3]* 2016/10/18: [ zimlib 1.4]
== ReactOS compatible See also ==* Installer == Unstable / Current Development ==Get the source code from [[SubversionRoadmap]] ;Requirements:If you compile the software from source you need the following libraries installed:* cxxtools (svn copy)[[Git]]* tntdb (for zimwriter) (ubuntu release 1[ cgi?product=openZIM Report a bug or svn copy)* tntnet (for zimreader)* automake-1.9+* libbz2-devmake a feature request]

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