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Developer Meetings/2010-2

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Emmanuel ([[User:Kelson|Kelson]]) offered to organise a meeting in Alsace, the eastern part of France, on the border to Germany. Next airport and train stations might be Basel, Strasbourg or Karlsruhe.
* Hotel + Meeting Room:*:Hébergement en Alsace – CIARUS‎Hotel-Restaurant PAX*:7 Rue Finkmatt24-36 rue du Faubourg National*:67000 Strasbourg, Alsace*:France** [http://www.ciarusopenstreetmap.comorg/** [http:export//,+strasbourg&sll=3748.062558123,-95.677068&sspn=447.9282957396,8248.265625&ie=UTF858679&zlayer=14mapnik&iwloc=addr&om=1&llmarker=48.59619558244,7.751884&source=embed Google Maps73660 OpenStreetMap]
== Participants ==

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