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The method zim::Search::search implements a full text search. For that it needs the full text index file. The full text index file is also a zim file, so you pass the index file as second paramter of type zim::File. The search-method is then called with the SearchResults-reference and a string, containing a space delimited list of words. The full text search then returns a list of articles where at least one of the words is found. Each article is weighted and the result is sorted by weight starting with the highest weighted article.
== Methods ==
;findx(char ns, std::string& title)
returns an iterator to the article named ''title'' in namespace ''ns''
;findx(std::string& url)
returns an iterator to the article with the (non-encoded) URL ''url''
;zim::urldecode(std::string& url)
:returns an URL-decoded string for use in findx()

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