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see [[Roadmap]] - '''[ Report any Bugs]openZIM releases'''__NOTOC__== Binaries =={|width="100%" cellspacing="1"|style="vertical-aligncan be found at the following address:top; width:33%; height:100px; border:1px solid #99ff99; background-color:#eeffee"|=== GNU / Linux ===* [http Kiwix]* zimreader (part of openZIM)* [ qvido for embedded devices (eg. Ben NanoNote)]
You can also checkout the code from [[git|style="vertical-align:top; width:33%; height:100px; border:1px solid #99ff99; background-color:#eeffee"|our development code repository]].
=== Mac OS X ===* If you are looking for binaries, you might rather be interested in [http://www[ZIM Readers|reader applications]] instead.kiwixThe openZIM libraries and tools are not meant for end-users but for software developers which integrate them into reader applications or export Kiwix]
|style="vertical= History ==* 2013/04/19: [ zimlib 1.0]* 2013/08/03:top; width[http:33%; height// zimlib 1.1]* 2014/05/21:100px; border[http:1px solid #99ff99; background// zimlib 1.2]* 2016/08/13: [http:#eeffee"|=== ReactOS / Microsoft Windows ===/ zimlib 1.3]* 2016/10/18: [ Kiwix4.tar.gz zimlib 1.4]
|-|style="vertical-align:top; width:33%; height:100px; border:1px solid #99ff99; background-color:#eeffee"|=== Symbian =See also ==* [ WikiOnBoard[Roadmap]|style="vertical-align:top; width:33%; height:100px; border:1px solid #99ff99; background-color:#eeffee"| === Android === |style="vertical-align:top; width:33%; height:100px; border:1px solid #99ff99; background-color:#eeffee"|=== Apple iPhone === |} == Source Code / Current Development ==Get the source code from * [[SubversionGit]] <pre>svn co http* [ zim</pre> See more detailed information for checking out and updating code on our [[Subversion]enter_bug.cgi?product=openZIM Report a bug or make a feature request] page. ;Requirements:If you compile the software from source you need the following libraries installed:* cxxtools (version 2.0)* tntdb (for zimwriter) (release 1.1)* tntnet (for zimreader) (release 2.0)* libxz-dev* autoconf* automake* libtool

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