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== Subversion Access ===== WebSVN Web === 
Browse our repository via HTTP:
=== Checking Out Read only ===
Read-only access via WEBDAV is available to our repository.
Checking out the complete trunk the first time:
svn co httpgit clone zimopenzim.git
or update everything once === Read/Write ===Once you have checked outgot write permission on the repository:
svn up httpgit clone ssh://svn<user>
=== Commit Access ===Once you got commit access to our server check out the whole trunk (or a part of it) before you start working on your local repository:<pre>svn co svn+ssh:// zim</pre> Commit changes:<pre>svn ci</pre> * replace USER with you openZIM user account* replace trunk with the branch you whish to check out ==== How to contribute without Commit Write Access ====
Just send your patches to the [[Mailinglist|developers mailinglist]]. They can be discussed their and reach the developers in the team which are able to integrate them into the current codebase.
* [[Mailinglist|Subscribe yourself to ''devoffline-l (at)'']] ==== How to get Commit Access at openZIM ====If you are a frequent contributor to openZIM check with the developers on the [[Mailinglist|mailinglist]] for acknowledgement. Then send your username and and ssh public key to the list. [[Team|Manuel Schneider]] is in charge of the server management, he will create your account and notify you.
== Structure ==
The suggested subversion repository structure is:
* trunk** zimlib**: Contains the libzim, which allows programs to read zim-files. Here are also some command line tools to access zim-files.** zimwriter**: is a system, which creates zim files using zimlib.** zimreader**: a web server based on [ Tntnet], which makes zim-files available via web.

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