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== Fulltext search index ==
The fulltext search, implemented in zimlib and used in zimreader, needs an index file. The index file is ZIM file with special articles in [[Namespace|namespace ''"X'']]". The indexer, which creates that index file is implemented as a data source in zimwriter. It reads the articles from a zim file to create the full text index. To use it, pass -Z ''zimfile'' to the writer e.g. ''zimwriter -Z wikipedia-de.zim wikipedia-de-x.zim''. == Requirements ==If you compile the software from source you need the following libraries installed:* cxxtools (version 2.0)* tntdb (for zimwriter) (release 1.1)* tntnet (for zimreader) (release 2.0)* libxz-dev* autoconf* automake* libtool == See also ==* [[Git|Get the source code]]* [[|]], a tool able to fill the database* [[zimlib]]* [[zimdump]]

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