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== Access ===== Web ===We have an '''open developement process''', all our source code is public and available for download using [ Git].
[ Browse our repository with your Web browser]. === Read only ===Read-only access via WEBDAV is available to our repository.
Checking out the complete trunk the first timewhole code repository:
git clone
=== Read/Write ===
Once you got write permission on the repository:
==Web == How to contribute without Write Access ====Just send your patches to the [[Mailinglist|developers mailinglist]]. They can be discussed their and reach the developers in the team which are able to integrate them into the current codebase.
* [[Mailinglist|Subscribe yourself to ''offline-l (at) lists'']/r/gitweb?p=openzim.git Browse our repository with your Web browser].
== Structure ==
* zimreader
*: a web server based on [ Tntnet], which makes zim-files available via web.

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