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== Subversion Access ===== Checking Out ===Read-only access via WEBDAV We have an '''open developement process''', all our source code is public and available to our repository. Checking out the complete trunk the first time:<pre>svn co for download using [</pre> or update everything once you have checked out:<pre>svn up http://svnGit Git]</pre> === Commit Access ===Once you got commit access to All our server check out the whole trunk (or a part of it) before you start working on your local repository:<pre>svn co svn+sshdevelopments are managed and are available [</pre> Commit changes:<pre>svn ci</pre>* replace USER with you openZIM user account* replace trunk with the branch you whish to check out == Structure ==The suggested subversion repository structure is:* trunk** zimlib**: Contains the libzim, which allows programs to read zim-files. Here are also some command line tools to access zim-files.** zimwriter**: is a system, which creates zim files using zimlib.** zimreader**: a web server based on [http:com/openzim/ Tntnethere], which makes zim-files available via web.

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