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Output audio from the contents of zim files
* Analyze Open/Extract the desired zim file[[ Wikipedia Uganda]],
* identify all individual articles, and code for said articles, in order to identify desired article
* process or move code for desired article to device / folder using ['''zimdump]'''
* parse the code of the desired article
* send the article code to the external reader
After the '''$100 Laptop'''
* BananaPi Zero, currently for sale
* [ Mycroft]
* PocketBeagle from BeagleBone
* [ Basic Engine]
'''Usage examples'''
# English- Uganda, [[ Wikipedia Uganda]] to be read from a mobile phone, or hardware connected to basic TV
# Spanish- South America, Wikipedia references on '''corn''''' and '''''potatoes''', for illiterate farmers# ComputerLibrary- as archived at

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