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ZIM file format

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ZIM contents are addressed using URLs fitting the following pattern: <namespace>/<article_url>. The references in articles HTML code (''<a href=""></a>'', ''<img src="">'', etc.) are URL-encoded following the [ RFC 1738] rules.
Absolute URLs, ie. with a leading slash (''/'') are forbidden, because this avoid including the ZIM contents in any HTTP sub-hierachy. ZIM contents URLs must consequently be relative. Be careful, <article_url> may itself contain slashes (for example "BMW_501/502").
The URLs in the UrlPointerlist are not encoded. Some readers process the requests that already do the decoding internally whereas most readers will handle the URLs directly. In this case you have to do the decoding before you pass the parameter to zimlib, but zimlib already provides a method to do so.

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