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Build your ZIM file

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=== MWoffliner ===
MWoffliner is a tool which allows to "dump" a Wikimedia project (Wikipedia, Wiktionary, ...) to a local storage. It should also work for any [ Mediawiki ] instance having parsoid installed. It goes through all articles (or a selection if specified) of the project and write HTML/pictures to your local filesystemas plain HTML/JS/CSS/... files or in a ZIM file.
A virtual machine with MWoffliner It is provided distributed via [httphttps://downloadwww.kiwixnpmjs.orgcom/devpackage/ZIMmakermwoffliner npm] and [https://hub.docker.ova herecom/r/openzim/mwoffliner Docker]. You might have to update the source code to get the last improvements.
More information If you are available a developer, you can download it directly from its [ heregit repository].
=== zimwriterfs ===

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