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== Goals ==
== Goals ==
The goals are to propose more and better content in the ZIM format, where our software stack can really make a difference.
With "better" is meant:
* Securing the content are fancy and user friendly. They don't suffer of bad layout, broken links, or this kind of weaknesses which are too often the case currently.
* More adapted content, which mean an effort at the curation level: checked revisions, selection only, any kind of curation.
With "more" is meant:
* Always secure new versions can be delivered properly
* Provide solutions to allow people to their own ZIM files following a self-service workflow
* Diversify the content offer, including non-free content.
== Library ==
Develop a quality content offer makes no sense if this portfolio is not comprehensive. Therefore it is important to develop a library which is comprehensive.
== Approach ==

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