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==using the Search-class = Methods ======= Article File::getArticle(char ns, const QUnicodeString& title, bool collate = false) ====returns an object of an article
==== The class ''zim::Search'' adds 2 search features to zimlib. Both fill a result object of type zim::Search::Results. This result object is actually a ''std::string Articlevector'' of a ''zim::SearchResult''. The ''zim::SearchResult'' holds a article and a priority. Since copying large result sets is quite expensive, all search methods of this expects a reference to a existing ''zim::Search::getPage(bool layout = trueResults'', unsigned maxRecurse = 10) ====which is filled. returns The simpler searches articles by title either by a praefix or by a range of titles. You pass a namespace and either a single ''std::string'' and you get all articles, whose title starts with that string or you pass two strings and you get all articles whose title is between these strings (including the content of an articlepassed strings).

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