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Yearly Report 2009

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April: Participation at the Wikimedia Conference, Starting Cooperation with Wikimedia Foundation
While the Chapters Meeting is an internal meeting of all Wikimedia Chapters around the world and the topics discussed there are Wikimedia-internal and of political / strategic nature there were still some opportunities to discuss about the openZIM projects and its ideas.
In the meeting we got contact to members of Wikimedia Israel, Wikimedia Italia and Wikimedia Polska working which were interested in the Wikipedia offline topic. After the Chapters Meeting Manuel still had some time to meet up with the MediaWiki developers and discuss with them.
A few weeks later we were contacted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Erik Möller (deputy CEO) wanted to learn more about the project. A phone conference took place with Erik Möller, Brion Vibber (WMF CTO), Tomasz Finc (WMF Developer) and Manuel Schneider (openZIM). During this conference the decision was made that the Wikimedia Foundation wants to support openZIM and look into integrating the ZIM format into the dumping process on Furthermore a one-click functionality to create ZIM files from MediaWiki should be evaluated.

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