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  • uses a framework which is similar to Java
  • zimlib most probably not usable
  • there is now a NDK for "native" applications - maybe this helps


  • very open device, running Linux with proprietary stuff on top like Adobe Flash, Adobe Air and Android
  • they even offer an "expert mode" which includes root-shell access (but voids software warranty)
  • they have there own appstore which is combine withpresents Android and other App stores, transparent to the user
  • applications are native or made with Android, Adobe Flash or Adobe Air
  • widgets are purely made with HTML/CSS/JavaScript (like WebOS)

thoughts about a ZIM reader on WeTab

  • if we had an Android application it would be usable on WeTab
  • we could also use zimreader and a widget served by it
  • Adbobe Flash / Air will most likely not be used

SugarLabs / OLPC

  • discussed with booth personell from SugarLabs which make the software for OLPC
  • OLPC has a 686 CPU (AMD Geode) and uses Fedora as OS and XUL for applications
  • there is about 1 GB disc space available on the XO computers
  • Wikipedia content is alreading being shipped, on the school servers, a special selection suitable for kids
  • there should be a possibility to update, but this would most likely only happen once a year
  • in countries like Ruanda English is taught at the first grade, so english Wikipedia is fine for them (local languages are in the responsibility of the local team, OLPC just provides the infrastructure)
  • it should be possible to save certain articles on the XO to be used at home when not connected to the school server

thoughts on using Wikipedia on XO

  • server should hold ZIM files and a local webserver, zimreader or kiwix-serve
  • update is done by simply exchanging ZIM files
  • there is ongoing work on a "save webpage" functionality in the Sugar browser, so this could be used generically because it doesn't make a difference where the webcontent comes from